Trusted IT Servicve Partner

C&T Solutions provides a broad range of professional IT solution services for organizations to improve their operational efficiency and competitive advantage. With three decades of experience serving numerous corporations and government organizations, C&T Solutions delivers integrated solutions that foster better communication, coordination and collaboration, providing the foundation for customers to realize best practices and quality governance.

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Project Management

With extensive experience in mission-critical projects, our project management teams provide systematic action plans and best-fit technicians to realize what you want, from upgrading a system to launching a brand-new e-platform, from design and development to implementation and support.

Managed Services

For those looking for flexibility of resource allocation through business process outsourcing (BPO), our professional managed services that can offload your IT operations with ongoing responsibility for 24/7 monitoring, managing and problem resolution for various IT systems.

Application Services

Engage our veteran technicians to customize and implement applications with thorough design for smooth integration into the system infrastructure that is unique to your business operations.

Security Services

A trusted service provider of government organizations who deliver secure public services, we provide a full range of security services from planning to assessment, audit, training, etc. To know more, click here.



C&T Solutions has developed its own formula of proprietary systems drawing on years of custom project expertise and the clients’ practical needs for better business operations and mass public services, including but not limited to:

Utility Billing System

UBS for government departments and public/ private sector companies serving mass customers with electrical, water, gas, telecom and other utility services. An “open-item system” with all transactional details maintained for payment and review, this integrated system offers fully convergent billing and customer service functionality, such as:

  • Customer contact management
  • Ratings based on customer account nature
  • Payment management
  • Finance and reporting
  • To-do management
  • Workflow management
  • 3rd-party communication and integration

Work Force Management System

WFMS for utility companies and industries that conduct facility maintenance for elevators, telecom, etc. It automates field work order assigning and scheduling and equips field workers with the proprietary mobile app to perform gas/ electricity meter reading and other tasks and submit instant data for centralized management.

Inspection Work Management System

IWMS for construction sites, hotels, utilities and government departments that conduct various types of onsite inspection work. It automatically assigns works for inspectors to perform onsite investigations with dynamic e-forms and complete photo proofing, e-signing and more, all on one mobile app.

Electronic Document Management System

EDMS for legal/ solicitor, accounting/ auditing, consulting/ agency and other professional firms requiring efficient management of high-volume daily documentation. It provides easy mass document e-filing, letter generation, version control and more, empowering work collaboration while ensuring security and compliance.

Extensive experience in countless projects fulfilling unique business and operational needs has driven ongoing improvement of our services, enabling us to serve you better with a systematic and holistic approach.

C&T Solutions is backed by a versatile, experienced team of service professionals and technicians with strong expertise. They are the key puzzle pieces that have helped many customers of different industries and sectors create their success and even award-winning stories of digital transformation, ranging from small internal systems to massive external platforms serving customers, suppliers or even the mass public.